Order a Test

Follow these simple steps to order a test:

1. Setup an account

      Contact Person: Ms. Candice Lee
      Wellconn Genomics
      Address: 9F, No. 108, Jhouzih St., Neihu, Taipei, 11493 Taiwan
      Telephone: 02-8797-2329 ext 21
      Fax: 02-8797-3977
      Email: support@wellconn.com

2. Request these items

      • Physician Request form
      • Patient Consent form
      • Sample Collection kit

3. Email or fax in completed request and consent forms

4. Call for sample pick up

      • If you decide to directly send a sample to us, be sure to call us first.
      • We cannot receive samples on Saturday and Sunday. In case of urgency, please contact us directly for instructions.

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