Frequently Asked Questions - Prenatal BoBs™ Testing

Prenatal BoBs™ Testing

What is Prenatal BoBs™?

Prenatal BoBs™ is a type of prenatal testing, done between 10-16 weeks of your pregnancy, to detect chromosomal abnormalities by analyzing amniotic fluid or chorionic villi. Karyotyping can examine an unborn child for aneuploidies and large structural chromosome abnormalities, however its resolution is not high enough to detect microdeletions.

Genetic microdeletions are mostly not inherited; they may be rare, but the medical conditions are severe enough to seriously impair your child’s quality of life, or even reduce their lifespan to less than a few years.

Prenatal BoBs™ testing uses higher resolution to rapidly and accurately detect the following:

SyndromeChromosome region
Down SyndromeChr 21
Edwards SyndromeChr 18
Patau SyndromeChr 13
Turner SyndromeX or Y
Klinefelter SyndromeChr X
Trisomy X SyndromeChr X
XYY SyndromeChr Y
Angelman Syndrome15q11-q12
Cri-du-chat Syndrome5p15.3-p15.2
DiGeorge Syndrome22q11.2
DiGeorge 2 Syndrome10p14
Langer-Giedion Syndrome8q23-124
Miller-Dieker Syndrome17p13.3
Prader-Willi Syndrome15q11-q12
Smith-Magenis Syndrome17p11.2
Williams-Beuren Syndrome7q11.2
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome4p16.3

*To learn more about these syndromes, please see the Taiwan Fetalmedicine Network.

Who should consider having this test?

The Prenatal BoBs™ testing is appropriate for all pregnancies undergoing prenatal testing.

  • Pregnant women with no family history of hereditary disorders
  • Pregnant women with no abnormal ultrasound findings
  • Pregnant women over the age of 34, recommended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to undergo amniocentesis
  • Pregnant women who desire faster and more detailed testing results than those from karyotyping

Why choose Prenatal BoBs™ testing?
  • This is the first and only CE-marked IVD prenatal genetic test available
  • The test report is ready between 1 – 2 days after receipt and analysis of the sample
  • Test analysis is done through computer software, minimizing human error. It has ≧ 99% for detection rates and 0% false positive rates for the aneuploidies and microdeletions mentioned above.

Where can I get the Prenatal BoBs™ testing done?

This test is available at several healthcare provider locations for sample collection. Feel free to contact us to find out the location closest to you.

Tel: 02-8797-2329

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