Advances in companion diagnostics and non-invasive testing have ushered the next generation of personalized medicine. The genomic and proteomic signature of disease has a deterministic role in the clinical progression and treatment management. Tissue and its diseased signature is the gold standard of diagnosis but it may not always be accessible. Serum while readily accessible lacks the intact DNA material for genetic analysis. The ability to efficiently access diseased samples and their DNA and protein repertoire for “real-time” diagnosis is critical to the clinical outcome. This is the premise on which Wellconn Genomics is founded.

As a medical diagnostic laboratory, Wellconn Genomics focuses on four main areas of clinical services - circulating fetal cells, circulating tumor cells, tissue and serum based biomarker testings. Non-invasive capture and isolation of prenatal circulating fetal cells as early as 7th week gestation provides access to the complete DNA markup of the fetus. Genetic errors can be diagnosed for early intervention. Non-invasive capture and isolation of circulating tumor cells provides biomarker signatures relating to prediction and monitoring of disease progression and treatment response. Using state-of the-art quantification techniques, these actionable biomarkers may also be analyzed on traditional tissue and serum samples when clinically relevant and feasible.

Wellconn Genomics has built a value network of clinical and industrial partners at the forefront of companion diagnostics and non-invasive testing. The connection to wellness is diagnosis. We are committed to service the patients, physicians and the ecosystem of biotech and pharmaceutical industry at the highest standard of quality.

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